Video Packages

Video Packages

Your wedding day is priceless...

A professional wedding video is an investment. We, therefore, have a range of inclusive wedding video packages that cater to all budgets and logistical demands. You can choose to have little or as much of your wedding day filmed, depending on your requirements.

We appreciate that a wedding day rarely runs on time. Our wedding video packages focus on covering the essential elements included within them; no strict prearranged time-slots.

You can also choose from a range of optional extras to add even more wonderful detail to a priceless record of your unforgettable day.

Wedding video packages start from £585.

  • Silver

  • Includes:

    Groom focus,

    Arrival guests,

    Arrival bride,

    Entire ceremony,


    Leaving venue,

    1 DVD.

  • Gold

  • 'Silver' +

    Speeches & Toasts,

    Cake cutting,


    Guest messages (up to 5),

    Highlights compilation - ‘All-day’,

    5 DVDs.

  • Platinum

  • 'Gold' +

    Groom interview (pre-ceremony),

    Guest messages (10 +),

    Personalised packaging,

    USB/Digital version,

    100 ‘magic moment’ video stills,

    Online streaming access,

    5 DVDs.

Personal and professional wedding films

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